Sharing the same passion, values and Caribbean upbringing, Alannah Codrington BASc and Sharon Fong BA, both Certified Nutritional Practitioners, joined together to start Whole Hearted Food (WHF) - Nutritional Consulting Services.




Alannah's passion for both people and food started from a young age - she has always felt that here in nutritional counselling she has found her calling. Food has always has always been an integral part of her identify, so much so that she first obtained her Major in Nutrition and Food and a Minor in Family Supports and Community Practice from Ryerson University. She obtained certification in Foodservice Management and also graduated, with First Class Honours, from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, receiving both her Certified Nutritionist Practitioner and Holistic Nutritionist designations.

Alannah passionately supports vulnerable populations and has held various community capacity-building positions as a mentor, facilitator, baker, and nutritional coach to name a few. She especially loves using her gift of gab to conduct seminars and workshops! Coupling her bubbly personality and her experiences, Alannah shares that food is more than just a necessity, it brings people together and has the ability to heal the mind, body and soul... 'whole-heartedly'!

Fun facts!

Who inspired her health journey: She attributes not really 'getting sick' and her exposure to alternative medicine to her Aunt, Donna Ambrose a TCM and her mother, because of all the physical activity, supplements, healing foods, and herbal concoctions they introduced her to, while growing up.

Favourite cuisine(s): Thai and Indian. She does love food from both of her Caribbean homelands Barbados and St. Vincent too!

How she maintains balance in her life: By spending time with her loved ones, singing, dancing and travelling any chance she gets!


Unified by our love of food laughter and wanderlust!




Sharon received her designation of Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Nutritional Practitioner from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition with First Class Honours. While on her health journey, she encountered a number of personal health issues including migraine headaches, gestational diabetes, stress, adrenal fatigue, fibroids and a even brush with cancer! – Since then Sharon decided to dedicate her career to holistic nutrition! She has successfully alleviated many of her conditions by incorporating holistic living into her life!

Sharon is a lifelong ‘Foodie’ and has experience with juicing, sprouting, organic gardening and herbs. She especially likes to make and share her love of fresh teas and herbs and can often be found forging in the garden or local forests. Sharon enjoys hands on ‘101 demonstrations’ on the use of essential oils for personal use and throughout the home. She thrives on sharing her passion for natural health with others via various modalities and lifestyle recommendations. Sharon is an empathetic professional who ‘whole heartedly’ helps others on their health journey.

Fun Facts!

Who inspired her health journey: Her late homeopath, mentor and dear friend, Yvonne Connell. Sharon was touched so much by Yvonne’s good works and teachings that she wishes to pass on her legacy and community work by helping others in need.

Favourite cuisine(s): International and Fusion cuisines. She especially loves foods from both of her own Asian and Jamaican cultures.

How she maintains balance in her life: Through healthy eating, laughter, mindfulness and positivity!