What we do, how we do things.

We get it, life is stressful…

Do you feel that just thinking about all the things you have to do gives you:

  • Shortness of breath, headaches, feelings of hopelessness, panic attacks, fatigue, anxiety or depression?

  • Perhaps you suffer from digestive issues - bloating, constipation, bad breath, gas, body odour, diarrhea, a ‘poop gut’ or sugar cravings? 

  • Or…

    Maybe you want to make some diet changes and don't know where to start?


Yup, we have definitely been there!

With our down-to-earth approach we will guide you to a more whole-hearted lifestyle!

So you can strive for your dreams and be the best you!

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Free 15-Minute Consultation

Thinking about making some changes? Let's talk about what you're looking for!

Essential Oil Party

We love essential oils! Tips on how to use them every day in the home and for personal use. Includes informative D.I.Y. demo using Young Living essential oils!

For Hosted Parties - host gets a free gift

Make and Take/DIY party

*COST: Approximately $25/ person. Minimum 4 people.

Laughter Yoga

Personalized laughter yoga class or party focusing on laughter, joy and positivity.

Try it for a fun group activity or team-building event!

*COST: Approximately, $20/ person. Minimum 4 people.


We create a personalized meal plan package based around your health goals and concern. The package includes: 

  • Meal options

  • Recipes

  • Food preparation tips

  • Resources and more!

Collaborative Efforts

Have an event, retreat or classes that you want to work with nutritionists for? A product or service you’d like us to review? We have partnered with organizations for collaborative diet, fitness and lifestyle programs!

Contact us here

Chocolate Meditation and Mindfulness

Let chocolate save the day!!!

Using yummy chocolate, we explore the joy, comfort, that is found right here in our present moments.


  • Chocolate tasting activity and a wellness seminar

  • Activities surrounding mindfulness

Perfect for a community organization!

Try it for a delicious girls night!

*COST: Approximately $25/ person. Minimum 4 people.

Corporate Lunch & Learns

Having healthy employees is key to the success of your organization! With absences, low productivity, and high stress, unhealthy employees are costly to your company. We will bring a entertaining and informative experience to your organization!

Having healthier employees can:

  • Motivate employees to achieve their personal and professional goals

  • Increase efficiency and productivity

  • Improve the growth and success of the company overall!

*Interested in a specific topic? We can customize the session to meet your needs.

COST: Depends on group size, materials, handouts etc.

Please email to get a quote based on your corporate needs.

Community Seminars and Workshops

We love engaging with community groups providing nutrition and wellness tips in a fun and practical way!

*Interested in a specific topic? We can customize the session to meet your needs.

COST: Depends on group size, materials, handouts etc.

Please email to get a quote based on the needs of your community organization.

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*Cost depends on group size, materials, etc. Please inquire here.

make your dreams a reality!

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