With a down-to-earth and upbeat approach WHF specializes in digestive issues, anxiety and fatigue and provides bite-sized, culture-embracing:

Workshops, seminars, meal plans and coaching!


On our Coaching…

I trust Sharon and her recommendations. She is one of the best. She has helped me and my family in many cases.

- Dali K, Richmond Hill

The consultation with Alannah was amazing! Extremely informative and was easy to understand. Can’t wait to get started!

- Rhea, P, Toronto Area

On our Seminars and Workshops…

Excellent presentation! The food was delicious.

- TJ, Toronto Area

Great job ladies! You were knowledgeable, organized, interactive and friendly. I like the interactive components and the tasting during the mindful eating workshop.

- Natalie, York Region

Enjoyable presentation. The information was well presented and in a good order. I liked the experience with the food and the tips.

- Anonymous, Toronto Area


The presenters were very friendly, professional and organized. How simple the presentation was. I am glad that it was not too complex to the point where I would go home and forget about the information.

- Stephanie V, Newmarket

Organized, very pleasant and encouraging talk.  Helped me to understand why I overeat and helped me be more mindful.

- Anonymous, Toronto Area