Summer Body Meal Plan Package!

Summer Body Meal Plan Package!


A Caribbean Carnival-inspired meal plan with mouth-watering recipes, supplement and lifestyle recommendations and more tips to get you Summer ready!

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What you'll get in your Summer Body Meal Plan Package:

  • A 20 page colourful, easy-to-read, high-energy, yet realistic, Meal Plan Package to help you curb your cravings! ($100 value)

  • Over 30 Mouth-watering-Summer-Sizzling step-by-step Caribbean-Inspired recipes! ($100 value)

  • Lifestyle recommendations to help your mind, body and emotions turn your ‘Summer Body’ into a lifestyle! ($50 value)

  • Supplement suggestions to help you get your nutrient requirements and keep that boost! ($50 value)

  • Keys for Success - because we want you to know how to better reach your goals! ($25 value)

  • The Quick Summer Body Summary to get you moving! ($10 value)

  • References, from two Expert Nutritionists, to let you know where to: learn about cool techniques, find more information about the goodies in this package and give you places to shop! ($15 value)

  • Double trouble - There’s both Basis 101 and Advanced levels of recipes, supplement and lifestyle recommendations to rev things up! ($10 value)

  • Bonus! Grocery List - give your kitchen an uplifting food makeover and make meal prepping a tropical breeze! ($25 value)

  • Bonus! What Do I Eat guide, help you make choices faster and better! ($25 value)

Total Retail Value: $410