The Summer Body Meal Plan Package!

Whether you’re still thinking about it or are preparing right now...

Anytime is the right time to take better care of your health!


Are you?

Looking to get Summer healthy skin glow?

Ready to take inches off your waistline?

Trying to have a cleaner diet to improve your current fitness and wellness gains? 

Wanting to feel energized and ready to add some delicious habits to your lifestyle yet, don’t know where to start?

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The Summer Body Meal Plan Package is here!!

The Summer Body Meal Plan Package Can:

  • Help you get rid of that gas, belly bloat and indigestion!

  • Whittle inches off of your waistline!

  • Gently cleanse and nourish your body from the inside out!

  • Help boost you up to get the most out of summer!

  • Give you more energy to whine down the place!

  • Help you better manage your blood sugar levels!

  • Shift your body to a more balanced alkaline state!

  • Help reduce painful inflammation throughout the body!

  • Get you to ‘chef it up’ to make yummy anddd nutritious food!

  • Help you tackle that mental fog, moodiness and anxiety!

  • Get you on track with your self-care and overall health!

What you’ll get in the Summer Body Meal Plan Package!

  • A 20 page colourful, easy-to-read, high-energy, yet realistic Meal Plan Package to help you curb your cravings! ($100 value) 

  • Over 30 Mouth-watering-Summer-Sizzling step-by-step Caribbean-Inspired recipes! ($100 value)

  • Lifestyle Recommendations to help your mind, body and emotions turn your ‘Summer Body’ into a lifestyle! ($50 value)

  • Supplement Suggestions to help you get your nutrient requirements and keep that boost! ($50 value)

  • Keys for Success - Because we want you to know how to better reach your goals! ($25 value)

  • The Quick Summer Body Summary to get you moving! ($10 value)

  • References from two Expert Nutritionists, to let you know where to: learn about cool techniques, find more information about the goodies in this package and give you places to shop! ($15 value)

  • Double trouble - There’s both Basis 101 and Advanced levels of recipes, supplement and lifestyle recommendations to rev things up! ($10 value)

  • Bonus!!! Grocery List - Give your kitchen an uplifting food makeover and make meal prepping a tropical breeze! ($25 value)

  • Bonus!!! What Do I Eat guide -  Helps you make nutritious choices easier and faster! ($25 value)

Total Value


However for this Carnival Edition we are giving you all this value for..... 


Get it while it's hot!!

With all these weight-loss fads that come and go,

you can easily spend hundreds of $$$ on things that are just temporary fixes!

How about giving yourself a real chance to do better and feel better this time around?

Another Happy Customer Highlight!

‘The summer body plan has been an absolute game changer for me. A few months back I was at the heaviest weight I’ve ever been in my entire life. Being an athlete for most of my life, I didn’t stress much about it because I thought I knew my body. In my youthful years I would eat whatever I wanted knowing that it wouldn’t affect my weight. However, I recently discovered that even though I would constantly workout, shedding the weight was much more difficult this time around. I quickly discovered that my metabolism was clearly not working the same way in comparison to ten years ago. The summer body program has showed me that a change in diet is crucial when looking to drop pounds and build muscle! Since being on the plan I have already lost 5 pounds!’

- Rhea P, Toronto

Get your package today! Your Summer Body will thank you!

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