Magnesium... Why we need some

By: Sharon Fong BA. CNP

Sometimes we all need to COPE... right?

Magnesium is a vital nutrient when in it comes to our body’s natural stress coping mechanism.

Common signs of Magnesium deficiency are:

  • Inability to manage stress

  • High blood pressure

  • Insomnia

  • Fatigue

Non-Food Sources of Magnesium

  • Sea water

  • Supplements

  • Topically on the skin

Generally, healthy individuals do not require a supplement. However, you can take magnesium as a supplement especially in the evening to relax your sore muscles, joints or simply to chill and wind down.

We like Magnesium in the form of

Magnesium Gis Glycinate or Magnesium citrate

There are many types and brands - we have our favourites.

If you’ve taken too much magnesium, your bowel movements will tell you... actually you may get diarrhea!

But no problem, just scale back if that happens.

We have deliciously exciting news on a yummy magnesium source! One of our favourite foods Dark Chocolate is high in magnesium!

Food Sources of Magnesium

  • Leafy greens (1 cup of spinach has 157 mg of magnesium)

  • Nuts (1 cup of almonds has 75 mg)

  • Seeds (1/8 cup pumpkin seeds has 92 mg)

  • Avocado (1 medium size has 58 mg)

  • Salmon (Half a fillet /178 grams)

  • Banana (1 medium, 32 mg)

  • Dark chocolate (1 square has 95 mg)

Magnesium food sources.jpg

The bottom line is… it’s best to get the magnesium you need from food if possible.

For the most absorption and balance, eat a diet rich in magnesium along with potassium and calcium.

Just to shout one of our favourite magnesium rich foods again. Dark Chocolate is an all around winner for Magnesium and it’s mineral content. Of course still consume it in moderation!


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