Jamaica Journey - Part 1: The Mind

By: Sharon Fong BA., CNP

I recently celebrated a milestone birthday and said that I would journey on a special trip add to the celebration festivities. I always set the intention that no matter where I was in life or no matter how crazy or untimely it was - I would return to my homeland. I was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica and refer to it as 'home. I am also of Chinese descent, yet I always call home the tropical island of Jamaica. I always have the urge to to return back to my Caribbean roots. You see, the Jamaican coat of arms says 'Out of many one people'. I believe this to be true because to be Jamaican or from the Caribbean, we share in One Love.


My journey back to Jamaica was one of the best things I've done.


I craved feeling the warmth of the sunshine on my face and the special heat that only the Caribbean sun can fill your entire being with. Ahhh...Vitamin D at its finest and most natural source. I also longed to feel the white silky sand between my toes that was delicately swept away by the gentle waves of the Caribbean Sea. I craved soaking in the healing salt water and clearing my mind in the sea. I loved traveling around the island on long beach walks, by boat, driving and even floating in the clouds on the airplane. I revelled in all the lush greenery, the 50 shades of blue in the sea and all the natural bright tropical colours.

I enjoyed gazing up at the various tropical trees, the coconut, breadfruit, mango and naseberry trees. Partly licking my lips thinking… I gotta taste that fresh fruit or vegetable right now! I loved the pink and red tropical flowers that spilled naturally all over the island. I journeyed around the island with fresh eyes and often times felt like the naive 6 year old school girl that once lived there.

I encourage you to set your goal and intentions. Follow through with it, be mindful and enjoy it wholeheartedly. ❤

Don't feel guilty, never look back and have any regrets… Just embrace your situation and use each day as a learning experience. Remember that when you put your 'mind' to anything, you can achieve it or at least say that you tried and gave it your all!

My recent trip to Jamaica made me realize that I am living a holistic life... Holistic living incorporates your mind, body and spirit. This is the first part of our Jamaica blog series was with a focus on the ‘mind’. Catch you in Part 2 which incorporates the 'body'.

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Caribbean Challenge:

I proudly call myself a Jamadian! That's 50% Canadian and 50% Jamaican.

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Hugs from the Jamadian!